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Audiology Specialists is Central New Hampshire’s Choice for Kind and Expert Hearing Care


If you have been putting off -or have given up on - buying hearing instruments, we can help.

Don't assume that there is "no hope" and accept being shut off from enjoying the company of those you care for.

Please keep in mind that we carry hearing aids in all price ranges and are happy to help you find what insurance benefits and financial options may be available.…/hearing…/financial-assistance



This is what our patients are saying- call us to experience hearing care centered around  YOUR needs.

 " My experience at Audiology Specialists far exceeded that of a previous audiology practice.  I found Dr. Robertson to be very professional, thorough and forthright in her testing and subsequent explanation of the options available to me.  Most importantly, she included my wife in the process to ensure that she was also satisfied with the performance of the final selection of hearing aids.  I would strongly recommend Dr. Robertson to anyone seeking help for hearing loss." 

- Dennis D, Alexandria 


 "The staff worked hard to help me obtain my full insurance benefit"

- Dr. G, Laconia


"It was like coming out of a coma"- D. B. (referring to being fitted with  his new hearing aids)


 "The gentleness that "Mary" demonstrated, the respect, and what was also shown by partner audiologist Natalia was so kind, so gentle, so compassionate, so like I would hope my own mother would be treated, I came away impressed and feeling so good about our local businesses.

Oh, by the way, I too left the business totally satisfied. Hearing issues? This is the business for you."

-John W, Laconia

  Need Hearing Instruments? Be an Informed Consumer:

When you are considering investing in improving your hearing there is much more than the initial purchase price to consider.  At Audiology Specialists we believe that knowledge is meant to be shared and offer these tips to help you.

Many, but not all, employer health insurance plans offer some coverage for hearing aids. A few retiree plans  include coverage, too.   Some health insurance companies have arrangements with specific manufacturers. 

Do they do this for your benefit? You need to know all of the facts to decide -especially if you are able to choose your insurance plan.  

  •    It is usually best not to select a plan that forces you into a     particular brand of hearing instrument or a specific franchise.  That is like going to a car dealer who only sells sedans when you may be better served with a truck!
  •    Those “very special prices” for insurance plan members may be more money than the actual price that you would pay if you purchased comparable hearing instruments from an independent audiologist. 
  •    Some offices are part of a franchise.  If you make a purchase at a franchise, you will have to receive service from only that franchise.  “Free screenings” are not performed by an audiologist, a doctor of hearing, but by a hearing aid dispenser who is not qualified to recognize many ear problems that can co-exist with a hearing loss. No one is the same as an audiologist, and non-audiologists are not allowed, by law, to charge for testing.

There are also insurance companies that participate in buying groups. Amplifon is the name of one such buying group that is used by CIGNA and some Anthem BCBS plans.  

  •    Under their terms you can select your own participating doctor and select the hearing aids that you and your audiologist feel are best for your needs.  There are more choices with this type of plan. 
  •    Follow up visits to check hearing aid settings and to be sure that you know how to best care for your new instruments are usually limited to just a few visits. You will be required to pay for visits with your provider after those initial visits.  Some audiologists offer unlimited visits for a period of a year or more when you purchase directly through their offices.

Patients who do not have a hearing aid benefit may be tempted to consider purchasing hearing aids online or from a “big box” discount retailer. 

  •    Louder is not always better.  Please keep in mind: How well do you fare with one-size fits all clothing? Most people find that buying the right size gives a better look and more comfortable fit. When you make a purchase with the guidance and assistance of your Audiologist she or he can adjust the settings on hearing instruments to give you the best and most comfortable sound. Most patients require several adjustments during the life of a set of hearing aids.
  •    Consider service after the sale. Hearing Aids need regular maintenance to manage the effects of earwax, moisture and occasional accidents.  Will you have to mail your much-needed hearing aids to a far off repair center if something goes wrong?  What if you need wax traps or a professional cleaning?  A relationship with a local audiologist means that the supplies you need are available close by.  Someone nearby can help you possibly the same day if a problem should arise. 






New patients are always warmly welcomed. Call us today at (603) 528-7700 for information or to make an appointment.


We are not a franchise owned by a manufacturer. We are not part of a hospital or a group, so we have no obligation to any brand. We offer products from all of the below hearing instrument manufacturers and to give our patients the most choices. 

We know that not everyone wants, or can afford, the most modern technology in hearing instruments. We are happy to offer reVel hearing aids by earVenture as a very affordable option starting at $795 per ear-  a lower price than many internet choices - with the benefit of a knowledgeable,local team to help you. 

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