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Welcome to Audiology Specialists - central New Hampshire’s premier expert in audiology, hearing instruments and hearing evaluations. You will enjoy personal attention from professionals who listen and care.  We demonstrate old-fashioned values such as honesty, integrity and doing what is best for you. We work with the leading manufacturers of hearing equipment. We have the expertise to get you hearing what you’ve been missing.

Dr. Laura Robertson’s professionalism and compassion make it easy and enjoyable for folks to feel comfortable as they realize that better hearing truly does start here.

Hearing loss comes from many factors, but there are things you can do to improve it.  Imagine the sounds of children laughing, a spouse saying “I love you” or even the beautiful sounds of nature. Sound is too good to miss out on.

Call 603-528-7700 today to take back your hearing.


This Fennec Fox and her kits have big ears to help with nighttime hunting. The thick fur on their paw pads protects them from the hot desert sand.

  The fennec fox has big ears to help with nighttime hunting, and furry paw pads to protect it from desert sands.


Did you buy your hearing aids somewhere else, out-of-state, or a big box store? No worries! Audiology Specialists is happy to help with cleanings, adjustments and supplies. 

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211 South Main Street • Laconia, New Hampshire 03246

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